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Cdt. Fourcault   The next adventure is just over the horizon!

The Cdt. Fourcault is a commercial vessel and can be operated for:
  • Salvage is the process of recovering a ship, its cargo, or other property after a shipwreck. Salvage encompasses towing, refloating a sunken or grounded vessel, or patching or repairing a ship. Today the protection of the environment from cargoes such as oil or other contaminants is often considered a high priority.

  • Expeditions
    The Cdt. Fourcault is an excellent vessel for expedition cruises, providing the possibilities to adventure remote locations.

  • Search and Rescue
    It is essential that rescue vessels are safer and stronger than the craft they are rescuing and they need to weather the harsh conditions and travel as fast and direct as possible. Our AS350 helicopter makes it possible to react extremely fast to specific needs.
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